Desmond Crawford

A prior carnival worker, escaped from prison and living as a cat burglar


Scout (with variations)


My name is Desmond Crawford. I never knew my parents. I was abandoned and taken in by a carnival group known as the “The Feast of Fools” They taught me quite a bit of their trade. I learned how to juggle, tight rope, do a few magic tricks, acrobatics and a few other things. But to my suprise being carnies wasn’t what they were taught to do. Eventually when I was a bit older they let me in on some of their other work. During performances some of us would go around and pick pocket and do other little scams here and there. Eventually I became pretty good, good enough to be let in on a bigger job. Our carnival was pretty good and our names reached the ears of some nobles looking for some entertainment. Our group decided, enough of this petty cash it’s time to go for the big money. They had this giant ruby we found out. It seemed to be worth a lot. The ruby though was in their caravans. We were going to attempt to steal from them when we got caught. The nobles were mad. A bit of a fight ensued. People were running, screaming, stealing, and in the midst of it all, I saw the ruby, and our leader Darius going for it. I cheered him on but was a little too loud. Some nobles found and caught me. They began to take me away and I screamed to Darius. He just sat there and watched them take me away then took the ruby and ran. I kept yelling for help from my so called “friends” they all looked at me and kept running. I was abandoned again. So much for them. I was about fifteen when i got put into prison. Life was rough there. Not much a scrawny teenage boy could do in there. One day though, I met this man. His name was Deacon. He was different than the others. Not as big and brutish and dumb as everyone else. No, he always had ideas and plans running through his head. You could see it in his eyes. Well that man saved my life. He taught me how to survive. After I met him, about a year had passed and he came to me with a proposition. He said, “Look kid I like you, I’ll make you a deal. Become my apprentice and study my craft under me and I’ll get you out of here.” I said yes. We had broken out and I became his apprentice. He was a cat burglar of sorts. Better than the normal ones though. We never got caught. He taught me how to use my resources. I learned to pick locks, sneak around better, hiding, jumping, how to make distractions, all sorts of things. We were unstoppable. One day we heard about my old carnival coming back into town. I told Deacon about the ruby and he seemed to know something about it. I asked but he wouldn’t tell me. Our new plan was to steal the ruby. We went to the performance to get it. All was going well when I accidentally slipped a trap. It alerted the carnies and they came after us. We tried to run and out of nowhere comes Darius. He grabs Deacon and kills him right in front of me. Darius looks at me and says, “I remember you, little runt!” He came at me but I managed to knock him out. After, more and more carnies kept coming. I couldn’t get Deacons body or the ruby. So I ran. It’s been a year since Deacon died. I’m now 21 and have been in Galadahn City for a few months now. I need to find a way to make some money and get back at those stupid carnies for what they did to me. They killed my best friend and left me for dead. I will have my revenge.

Desmond Crawford

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