Castael Orsamon (DECEASED)

Trueborn pirate living as a simple smuggler.


Swashbuckler with a plus 1 to “Dick-lomacy”


Castael (Cas) was born into a highly successful family of “privateers.” On board The Sabbath Breaker, he learned how to fight, plunder, pillage, and do it with style. Misfortune hit the family when the rival ship, The H.M.S. Hangman, Sunk The Sabbath Breaker killing almost everyone inside. In the final moments of the battle when all hope was lost, Castael’s father pulled him close, pulled off the familie’s heirloom signet ring and pushed it onto Cas’s finger, gave him a wink, and then threw him overboard. As he swam away he watched his beloved sea home burn and go down into the depths.

Cas has been working in the smuggling business ever since. He’s working to make enough money to buy his own ship so he can rebuild his families empire, and become the most famous, or perhaps infamous (depends on his mood for the day) pirate captain of all time.

Allies: Micheal and Tido (Security Mercenaries)

Enemies: Cornelius Precaedon “Prickington” (stuck up priest/prick) And Roger McGuiness “McGayness” (straight up D-bag)

Castael was killed when he and Abraham Maloy were captured and sent to the Gauntlet to secretly be pitted up against they’re own comrades. On the Hydra level, Castael was forced to have his lips sewed shut to not give any hint to the heroes that it was he. During the fight the heroes made short work of the real attackers while Cass, did his best to avoid combat. After setting a few traps and trying to run away, Cas eventually had to draw his weapons in order to try and surrender. The heroes took this as an act of aggression and took turns attacking until he was finally cut down by Meridius’s power attack.
Cas took a few steps dropping his signature dagger, then collapsed to his knees dropping his family’s sword, and then crumpled into a broken heap.

The heroes infuriated by being almost forced to kill their friend snuck into the Beck’s house (the man in charge)and killed him with Cas’s dagger after dipping it in poison.

Castael Orsamon (DECEASED)

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